About Sara and Maitri Midwifery

Maitri is a Sanskrit word meaning "unconditional kindness and compassion." It refers both to the compassion one gives others as well as themselves. Maitri is having compassion for something without changing or altering it; without interference. In my midwifery practice this philosophy is manifested by being present and offering compassion to families without taking away from their birthing experience. As families transform through the process of labor and birth, they discover not only who they are but how they will grow as a family. They find the tools they need in birth which help them become the parents their child needs. As a witness to this, I offer guidance through compassion and discernment using the skills I've gained through training and experience.

The best way to learn about birth is through the stories of those who have gone through it. I hope that this blog will be a place for people to learn and grow through the sharing of their experiences.

If you'd like to know more about me and Maitri Midwifery, visit http://www.maitrimidwifery.com/