Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ina May Gaskin- Birth Matters

“Birth matters…for each mother, it is an event that shakes and shapes her to her innermost core…birth also matters because the journey through pregnancy and birth offers an irreplaceable way for women to explore their deepest selves-their minds, bodies, and nature.”


My intention with starting this blog is to create a place for families to share their birth experiences with one and other. For expecting families to read about others that have gone on this journey and for those that have gone to express how it was. Every birth that I have had the opportunity to witness is a new experience. I learn the most when I listen to the family and how it was for them. Labor and birth can present with challenges that manifest into strength, power and wisdom. The greatest gift is a sense of empowerment through it all and the insight into how to be the best parents for the child that is coming into this world. My wish is to offer a gentle, compassionate and competent guidance along the way. Each family that I have been blessed to be present for has enriched and touched my life in a very profound way and for this I am immeasurably grateful. No matter what occurs, this is your story, your journey and your gift. To create, give birth and raise a child has the potential to generate a sense of wonderment that is both challenging and enlightening. I hope that we can learn from each other as we shift the paradigm of birth and return it back to the family.


“…maitri, a Sanskrit word meaning loving-kindness toward all beings…maitri also has the meaning of trusting oneself- trusting that we have what it takes to know ourselves thoroughly and completely without feeling hopeless, without turning against ourselves because of what we see.”
                                                                                                 -Pema Chödrön
                                                                                                 “Taking the Leap”